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Maureen Bruno Roy 's Race Reports

July 18 2007 - Mountain Bike National Championships

This past weekend was the Mountain Bike National Championships at Mt Snow in Vermont. The course is well known for being one of the hardest US races with rolling climbs and technical rocks, roots and downhills. I had qualified for the Expert 30-34 year old race with hopes for a top 3 finish which will allow me to apply for a Pro racing license.

Days of rain and then sunshine had left the course muddy but sticky with a lot of slippery tree roots and rocks. I was looking forward to the climbs and technical riding and had been feeling strong coming into the race.

Race day began very early in preparation for an 8am start. After a small breakfast I rode from our Inn to the course to warm up. I was feeling a bit sleepy and very unused to racing at 8am but tried to warm up on the trainer attempting to wake up in preparation to race. Each age group of riders lined up and started about 2 minutes apart with the 19-24 year olds and the 25-29 year olds in front of my group. It often makes for some mayhem on the course as riders pass one another as the race goes on. I was called up to the start and we were off.

Up, Up, Up the first climb right off the start line I was in 2nd place behind a very strong climber still feeling a bit draggy and a bit of a stomach ache from the early morning start. I just kept a steady pace hoping to shake it off and quickly found that I was able to start a getting a gap on the other racers on the technical sections. About 1/2 way through the first lap, I began to feel better and found my rhythm and headed into the lead up a wet rocky uphill. I dropped into the long technical downhill and gave it my best and although I often feel slightly timid on the downhills, I was making up a lot of time and headed into the 2nd lap in the lead by about 3 minutes.

I continued to push the pace on the climbs and have a bit of fun on the wet sloppy sections. After passing the remainder of the younger riders, I came into the finish as the first Expert woman ( in any age group) and a little more than 7 minutes ahead of second place in my group. It was a real surprise to have moved so far into the lead after such a groggy start.

I was awarded the Expert 30-34 National Championship jersey/medal and was happy to know that I would be able to earn my Pro upgrade for next year.

Thanks to Mavic for the shiny new wheels and support at the race, IF for the fantastic bike, Matt for all of the endless hours of mechanical and emotional support, famliy, friends and fans for all of the support and cheers!




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